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John Goodmen, Alec Baldwin and Other Familiar Faces Join Casey Affleck for 'SNL's Christmas Episode

John Goodmen, Alec Baldwin and Other Familiar Faces Join Casey Affleck for 'SNL's Christmas Episode

Casey Affleck hosted Saturday Night Live’s Christmas special, and the Manchester By the Sea star got some help from some veteran SNL hosts and even some former cast-members.

The episode’s cold open featured Alec Baldwin once again reprising his impression of President-elect Donald Trump, with Kate McKinnon as his beleaguered sidekick, Kellyanne Conway.

As Trump and Conway discuss some of Trump’s last cabinet picks, they get a visit from a very special man coming down the Trump Tower chimney. No, not Santa — Vladamir Putin (Beck Bennett).

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As Putin showerd Trump with Praise — and gave him a very special Elf-On-the-Shelf with a camera lens for an eye — the cold open felt like standard SNL fare until a surprise appearance from John Goodman as Rex Tillerson, Trump’s choice for Secretary of State and CEO of Exxon Mobil.

Tillerson lumbered into Trump’s office unannounced and quickly began catching up with the Russian leader — whom he affectionately called “Pootie” — as Trump stands by the sidelines, utterly baffled while the two seasoned schemers plot their future involvement in Russian oil trade routes.

Goodman and Baldwin also joined Affleck during his scattershot monologue, where they tried to ease his nerves about hosting for the first time during SNL‘s Christmas spectacular.

“Between the three of us, we’ve hosted SNL 31 times,” Goodman assured Affleck.

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Former castmember Fred Armison also got in on the fun, coming back to star in a sketch about Microsoft’s first fully functioning robot (who is also really open about being gay), and later he teamed up with Vanessa Bayer during Weekend Update, and the pair reprised their roles as Vladimir Putin’s Best Friends From Growing Up.

For more on SNL’s take on Donald Trump’s run for the presidency, check out the video below.


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